Sofia Vergara's Bridezilla Moment Is Bound to Heat Up Her Marriage

sofia vergara joe manganielloFirmly at the top of the "Hottest Hollywood Couple" category is Sofia Vergara and Joe Manganiello. Joe likes to get primal with his bride-to-be and we've just learned that Sofia Vergara is a Bridezilla. She's even gone as far as to say that she is "beyond" Bridezilla status, but of course it is what propels this couple to the altar and the stratosphere of hotness. Their love is deeper than the ocean despite the fact that Sofia is a self-professed "nightmare."


The bride-to-be told People magazine that she is detail oriented and calls herself a nightmare to deal with.

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A nightmare? Sofia? No way. Let's be real, all brides-to-be have a tiny bit of Bridezilla in us waiting to come out. The key is moderation, though I can't help but think everything this couple does is on level 11 -- outer-worldly even. I imagine him being like a caveman and Sofia with her accent loving every moment. Oh Joey, she would say, her voice loaded with flirt. You are so funny, just let me do what I want. She'd kiss him. He'd say yes.

She probably drives him bananas with sexy red nighties and with her insane wedding demands. But as it turns out, when it comes to the wedding, Joe stays out of it. "He lets me do whatever I want," Sofia said.

Good move, Joe.

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Obviously, they are a good match. It seems their roles fit into their personalities perfectly and that is what is key. When getting married, you have to have that compatibility -- and if there is a lack of it, it rears its ugly head early on. You have to pay attention and listen to it or else ... it might not be meant to be. You've got to have that balance, and that means different things for different people of course, but for these two -- it all shows how HOT they are for each other. These two are essentially oozing with love for each other. It's kind of insane. Everything they do is with such passion and intensity -- being a Bridezilla makes total sense. She probably goes home after a day of picking out place settings and Joe gets all grunty and primal with her, and the bride- and groom-to-be are happy as can be.

The wedding is happening in November, so she's got another month to be Bridezilla. Learning of all the fuss she's making about everything makes me even more excited to see her dress.


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