Jennifer Aniston's Not Interested in Being Mrs. Theroux & We Don't Blame Her

jennifer aniston justin therouxJustin Theroux might be my most favorite husband ever -- not that he's my husband, but when looking at all the husbands of the celebrity world, I think this guy is tops. He made the best joke when asked if Jennifer Aniston will change her last name now that they are hitched.


Forty-four-year-old Justin said:

I made her change both names. So she's now Justin Theroux.

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This is the perfect answer to show how preposterous it is to be asked if your wife will change her name. Why is this even a thing anymore? We have earned our right to vote (took them long enough), so why hasn't this name-change ridiculousness gone the way of treating our "hysteria" with doctors' "masturbating" us?! (This was a real thing.)

Let's just think about this for a second. The name thing, not the doctor thing. Change. Change your name, the name you were given at birth, the name you grew up with, the name you've had for however many years -- in Jennifer's case, 46. Why does the woman have to change her name? Why is this name change even necessary? If a man is so hell-bent on a woman's having the same name he has, why can't he change his name? Should you even marry a guy with that kind of demand?

Justin added:

I don't think it would be great if she did. I think 'Aniston' is going to stick with her if she likes it or not.

He's a good man. Jen's probably not interested in changing her last name at this point.

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Of course if a woman wants to change her name, then by all means she should go through the annoying paperwork to have that done. I did it. Once. And before I get labeled as one of those bitter divorced people, let it be known that I was never 100 percent sold on changing my name. But I did it for love, for romance, because I wanted my kids and I to have the same name. Now that I'm divorced, I had to go through the trouble to change my name back to MY NAME, and my kids -- the kids I had in my womb and birthed -- do not have my name. It's not even the trouble of changing it -- I've got the patience of a turtle (I have twins) and I do not fear a long line at the DMV. It's more of that feeling that I am being erased. Me. Who I am -- my name. Gone. For what? Some antiquated tradition? No thanks.

I knew I should have added my last name to theirs. Hindsight.

I don't want to pooh-pooh the notion of love and romance, but the automatic assumption of a woman's taking her partner's last name needs to die a quick death (la petite mort). Justin Theroux knows what's up -- so modern, so sexy. Now that's romantic.


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