The One Good Thing About Blake Shelton & Miranda Lambert's Divorce

There's one good thing about this country music couple's divorce: It sure happened fast. The ink was practically already dry on Blake Shelton and Miranda Lambert's lightning-quick divorce by the time they announced their split to the public. How did they manage to get it over so quickly when so many other couples haggle for years?


Kids, just like a good marriage takes dedication and commitment, a good divorce takes planning and forethought. Take it from a guy who probably got married with every intention to stay married.

Shelton told the Bobby Jones Show that he owed his mercifully quick divorce to Oklahoma divorce laws and his prenup:

In Oklahoma it happens so fast. Like, Miranda and I don't have any kids, and we had a prenuptial agreement, whatever we had. Once we filed for divorce, it was over in, like, I think there was a nine- or ten-day waiting period until it's over.

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Wow, prenups have a bad reputation but you see how useful they can be. When you think about it, getting a prenuptial agreement is like negotiating your divorce while you're still in love and getting along. You're not out for revenge. You're just making sure each of you is properly represented. It's a very loving approach to divorce so long as there's no coercion or fraud involved. Kind of demented, but also very sane.

Is a 10-day waiting period enough for you to give that divorce serious enough thought before making it official? I think so. By the time most couples arrive at the decision to call it quits they've already tried everything. It's a last resort for most of us. Few go there hastily.

So good for Blake and Miranda! Why make something already painful that much worse? There was some back and forth about cheating in the tabloids, but other than that it was a merciful cut with a sharp knife. All divorcing couples should be so fortunate.


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