Melissa McCarthy & Her Husband Lost Ellen's 'Not So Newlywed' Game but Won at Love (VIDEO)

When two different celebrity couples faced off in the Not So Newlywed Game on the Ellen DeGeneres Show there was a clear winner. Ellen and Portia de Rossi may have answered the most questions the same way. But Melissa McCarthy and Ben Falcone got one important question wrong in the right way, and it's a question every happy couple should get wrong.


The point of the game is that each person is asked questions about his or her spouse separately, and then they come together to see how many of those questions they answered the same. The point is to prove how well you know each other.

I have to say I think this game was rigged because Ellen and Portia got easy questions like, "Where did you have your first kiss?" Melissa and Ben got a much harder question: "How would your spouse describe you?" I loved their answers.

Melissa said Ben would describe her as "chatty." He said, "lovely and amazing." Slaying us! Ben said Melissa would describe him as "good enough." She described him as "kind." Aww, so sweet!

Both were funny and self-deprecating when describing themselves. And both were flattering when they described each other. In this case it's not about getting the most accurate answer. It's about giving the answers your spouse would most enjoy hearing.

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Actually, sometimes a relationship is just like that -- it's not as important to be right. It's more important to be loving.

Anyway, both couples are adorable and funny in this clip so you have to watch the whole thing. And then try to play the game with your significant other, too, and see what happens. 


Images via Chessa/London Entertainment/Splash News; ellentube

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