12 Men Confess Surprising Ways Their Partners Make Them Jealous (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Oct 7, 2015 Love & Sex

jealousy manI've only had eyes for my husband since we met over 11 years ago, and I honestly can't remember the last time I even so much as flirted with another guy. So it was a little surprising when my husband confessed that he was feeling jealous.

It wasn't another guy causing the problem. Apparently my new jogging buddy/frequent text buddy Ellie was making him feel a little neglected. Why? Because I was telling her all my good work-gossip stories before I told him.

It was kind of a sweet reminder that even the most secure husbands still want to be No. 1 on your list. Read on to find the sweet, silly, and sometimes sad reasons other guys are feeling a little jealous.


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  • Puppy Love



    "I'm 100 percent sure that my wife loves our dog more than she loves me sometimes. Which seems unfair. I never poop on the carpet." -- Ben B., Franklin, Tennessee

  • Unplugged Jealousy



    "Once the kids are in bed, my wife is glued to her laptop for the rest of the night. She's pinning things, chatting on Facebook with her friends, reading celebrity gossip sites, whatever. She says it helps her unwind. I wish she wanted to unwind by hanging out with me instead." -- Michael R., Gilbert, Arizona

  • Choose Me!



    "Is it weird that I'm jealous of the gym? Because if it is a choice between staying in bed to snuggle with me or making it to her yoga class, she'll choose yoga 100 percent of the time." -- Henry C., Des Moines, Iowa

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  • Daddy Issues


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    "I know I'll sound like a jerk for saying this, but sometimes I'm jealous of the kids. They get so much more of my wife's time and energy than I do. And the little one gets WAY more access to her boobs than I do." -- Jacob F., Eugene, Oregon

  • Thinking About Her Ex



    "My wife was married for 10 years before we met. We've been married for three years. Sometimes it bugs me and I guess makes me feel jealous that I'm not her longest relationship. YET. I'll pass that 10-year mark and we'll keep going!" -- Kevin S., Lexington, Kentucky

  • Training Time



    "My wife is training to do an Ironman Triathlon. She spends between 20-30 hours a week swimming, biking, or running. She's married to training right now, which means I'm kind of lonely. And horny. She's too tired for sex most of the time. But I am really proud of her. I just miss her." -- Lance N., Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Her Therapist



    "My wife has been seeing a therapist to deal with some anxiety and depression stuff. I'm glad she's getting help, but I feel jealous that she's talking to him more than she is talking to me about her problems. I want to be the person helping her." -- Aron W., Tucson, Arizona

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  • Her First



    "My wife is my first and only sexual partner, but I'm her second. She had a childhood-turned-high-school sweetheart and lost her virginity to him. I'm bummed that we don't have that special thing to share." -- Collin S., Abilene, Texas

  • Her Mom


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    "My mother-in-law is very loving and she and my babe are super close. But sometimes it annoys me to know that she tells her mother EVERYTHING. She actually told her that she was pregnant before she told me. Not cool, honey." -- Vince B., Huntsville, Alabama

  • Her Job



    "My wife is way more successful at her job than I'll ever be at mine. I'm jealous of her success and her salary sometimes. It is retro and dumb, but I feel like I should be the big money winner." -- Greg C., Grand Rapids, Michigan

  • No Coffee, Please



    "We joke that Dave is her 'work husband,' but I actually really don't like it when she mentions things like them going out to grab coffee together. I trust her-- but I still don't like it." -- Rick P., Moorhead, Minnesota

  • Multitasker



    "I'm actually kind of jealous of my wife herself. She is so much more on her game than I am. I feel like a slacker compared to all the stuff she does in a given day. She makes our house run, deals with the kids, has a job. She's smarter, more productive, and a better person than I am. I guess I'm pretty lucky." -- Paul S., Ripon, Wisconsin

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