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15 Cheating Revenge Stories Almost Too Crazy to Believe (PHOTOS)

cheaterWhen it comes to being cheated on, victims typically are divided into two camps: Those who get mad and those who get even. And, for the most part, it seems that when scorned lovers choose the latter route, they don't do it halfheartedly. They go big. 

From a hilarious Craigslist ad to dumping a load of poo on a wife's car, here are 15 of the most insane revenge stories ever, thanks to several poor survivors of infidelity. Man, it would have been so much easier if the cheaters just broke things off. We would not want to be in their position. 


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1Netflix Revenge

A crafty boyfriend got creative when he learned that his girlfriend was cheating on him. He hacked into her Netflix account and changed her preferences so that all of the movies suggested for her had a pointed message. Some of the films on the girl's queue? Unfaithful, The Scarlet Letter, and Indecent Proposal. Clever.

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2Billboard Revenge

When YaVaughnie Wilkins learned that Charles Phillips, the Obama adviser with whom she had an 8-year affair, was reconciling with his wife, she allegedly paid $250,000 to put a billboard up in Times Square that featured a photo of her and Phillips, along with a supposed quote of his: "You are my soulmate forever!" Damn. 

4The Simple Message

Only two -- actually, three -- people likely know exactly what happened here. But, from the looks of things, it doesn't look like it ended well for the owner of the van. 


7CSPAN Revenge

During a CSPAN panel about the book Proud to Be Right, panelist Todd Seavey ripped into panelist Helen Rittelmeyer in front of the audience. One of his comments? "You might be surprised to know that Helen and I dated for two years ... because some of you might have dated Helen during those two years." Ouch!

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Scorned lovers seem to like billboards. A North Carolina wife borrowed Mastercard's "priceless" campaign to tell her husband she found out he was cheating. It read: “Michael, GPS Tracker – $250, Nikon Camera with zoom lens – $1600, Catching my lying husband and buying this billboard with our investment account, – Priceless.  – Jennifer.”

10Don't Play With Fire

William Lindauer pleaded guilty to spray painting the words "My wife is a cheater" on his Colorado home back in March. But, the -- seriously not funny -- kicker? Lindauer allegedly set the house on fire afterward. Thankfully, no one was hurt. 

12Craigslist Avenger

Clearly, people love getting rid of their cheating ex's stuff, but some do it with flair. After she found out that her husband was cheating, one woman wanted to get rid of his stuff "while he was away with his floozie." In a hilarious Craigslist ad, the Canadian woman announced that she was selling her husband's tools, "which he didn't have a clue how to use," and she also warned people not to "come too early (like him)." Touché. 

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13Naked & Afraid

When Ting Su learned that her husband was cheating with her twin sister, she followed them, detective-style, one night. What did she discover? The two of them having sex in his car! The pair was so startled that they leaped out of the car, and, seeing an opportunity, Ting Su jumped in the car, locked the doors, and drove away. Quick thinking! 


14Bye, Bye, Audi

Love your car? Don't cheat on your partner! After she found out her husband was cheating, a woman destroyed -- and I mean destroyed -- his beloved Audi. She smashed the windows, ripped the leather seats, removed the stereo, and left a loving "f**k you" with a smiley face on the interior. Geez!

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