Man Sings to His Dying Wife & Shows Us What Lifelong Love Looks Like (VIDEO)

92-year-old man serenades dying wifeThis love story couldn't be any sweeter if it had been penned by Nicholas Sparks! A video of a 92-year-old man serenading his dying wife has gone viral. And with good reason! Their devotion to each other to truly inspiring.  


In footage captured by their granddaughter, you can see Howard singing to his wife of 73 years, Laura, in the hospice facility where she was spending her final days. Take a look as Howard strokes his beloved wife's cheeks while singing "their song": "You'll Never Know." (Now would be a good time to grab your tissues.)

As if the song weren't lovely enough, don't you adore the way they are with each other? You can't help but laugh as he jokes with her about the lovers she may have had before him. And when she turns to her family and asks, "Isn't he sweet?" doesn't your heart melt?

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Even in the face of their respective illnesses -- Laura is blind from macular degeneration and Howard spends most days in a wheelchair -- each is putting on a brave face for the other. Their love is so selfless. It's overwhelmingly refreshing in a world in which we constantly read about divorce and spouses at war with one another. 

This couple serves as the perfect reminder of what true love should look like. Caring, supportive, romantic, playful, and each other's constant companion and consummate cheerleader. There's no doubt it's their mutual love that's sustained them and carried through all these years. Simply heartwarming.


Images via Erin Solari/YouTube

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