So What If Men Prefer Women in Their Early 20s

guy dancing with woman sunsetThe older you get (if you're a woman, at least), the more you think about aging. And not as in, "Yay! Only 364 more days until my next birthday!" but as in, "Holy s***t, when did that wrinkle show up?" Of course, you'll be told by friends and family and feminists and (some) mags: "Don't worry. You're beautiful and desirable as is!" But new data that shows men prefer women of a certain age proves otherwise.


The cofounder of OKCupid, Christian Rudder, did a "data dive" for Jezebel about the ages men and women prefer. Let us share with you the findings.

Until women hit 30, we prefer slightly older men. Afterward, though, we start finding slightly younger men more attractive. And if there's an age when men's sex appeal "hits a wall," it's about 40.

According to this theory, we no longer find Derek Jeter (41), James Marsden (42), or Idris Elba (43) handsome, so take this data with a grain of salt.

But what's even more interesting (put quotation marks around that) is men's favorite age for women. Across the board, men between the ages of 20 to 50 like their women young -- as in 20, 21, 22, and 23.

If we had the inclination to call an evolutionary biologist and get his or her take, chances are it would be something like, "Duh! Men are always attracted to women who are the most fertile." Meanwhile, we're bombarded with images of youth in movies and TV, not to mention ads for products that promise to help us regain ours.

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So, we get it. But we're not sure how this data is helpful. If you're over that supposed threshold of attractiveness, you're probably already a bit worried about your appearance and how XYZ is sagging these days.

We could include a list here of all the advantages older women have over young 20-somethings. For instance, we could point out to men that women over the age of 30 actually KNOW what Seinfeld is and didn't have to be introduced by Hulu.

We can use a rotary dial phone in an emergency.

We can legally rent cars.

And we have enough sexual experience to know what to do (or ask for) in the bedroom. (And don't actually require a bedroom!)

But who's that list for, really? We don't need to pitch ourselves to men and hope that they suddenly find us more attractive. And we shouldn't be in competition with younger women. This is real life, not a reality show.

And that "whatevs" attitude we have is pretty darn attractive, if we do say so ourselves.


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