Groom Pranks Bride by Having Their Wedding Cake Destroyed in Front of Everyone (VIDEO)

groom pranks bride drop wedding cakeBrides are typically a pretty anxious bunch. From their own appearance to the look of their bridesmaids, venue, and just about everything else, they want their big day to be flawless. Well, one groom decided to prank his new wife by having a waiter drop their wedding cake right in front of her eyes.


Can you even imagine? Joe Cox hired stunt waiters to stage an argument and then send the gorgeous, multi-tiered cake flying, to the horror of his new missus.

Take a look: 

Quite a sense of humor, eh? Let's hope that's not his best quality. The bride, Laura, takes it like a champ and actually says the couple has been laughing about the incident ever since.

This truly must be a match made in heaven because I can think of many brides who wouldn't handle getting Punk'd on their wedding day so gracefully. 

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You have to imagine quite a few of Laura's friends and relatives who attended that wedding were probably thinking, "What does this woman see in this jerk!?!"

But I guess if they still laugh about it, he knows her really well. Personally, I think my mom would have been in the lobby calling a divorce lawyer to spare me any more "pranks," like when this guy decides to dangle a doll out a window pretending it's your firstborn. (Oh, Joe, you're hilarious!)  

Hopefully he knows where to draw the line and how to keep her laughing. 


Image via MNStudio/shutterstock

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