Brian Austin Green Shows Us Exactly How He's Dealing With Divorce From Megan Fox (PHOTO)

Most celebs try to keep an upbeat front in public after a split. But Brian Austin Green is sharing his pain with the world a month after his wife, Megan Fox, filed for divorce. His feeling are spelled out right on his shirt, in fact.


The newly single dad was seen shopping at Whole Foods in a T-shirt that reads, "Life Hurts." You could say he's literally wearing his heart on his sleeve except that it's actually a sleeveless T-shirt. But you get the point. That petition for divorce hurt Brian Austin Green. It hurt him bad.

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Or maybe he's being ironic! Maybe this is a jokey bit of bravado, like "Haha, my wife left me, you guys think I'm all broken up over it but WHATEVER I don't care!" But there's one little reason why I suspect the T-shirt is making a sincere statement: He's still wearing his wedding ring.

It could be that Green is (gasp) actually working through his heartbreak, feeling his feelings instead of buying them. Maybe he's saying, "You know what? It sucks when your marriage doesn't work out. I'm sad about that. Men can be sad, too!"

I have to say, I like it better than celebs who slander each other in public. (I'm not naming names but Schmiranda Schmambert and Schmlake Schmelton...) Or who rebound with a new love interest about five minutes later. Or who go on a bender.

You'll get through this, Brian Austin Green! It's true, life hurts. But not all the time. This too shall pass.


Image via Splash News


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