12 Romance-Killing Things Couples Do When They’re Too Comfortable With Each Other (PHOTOS)

Adriana Velez | Sep 16, 2015 Love & Sex

Do you and your significant other share everything -- I mean everything? We're all for closeness, but some couples are a little too close, if you know what I mean. When you have NO boundaries, romance can take a hit. Maybe a little mystery isn't such a bad thing. Are you and your man guilty of any of these gross habits?

We're not talking the seriously scary kind of boundaries where one of you is emotionally abusive and tries the control the other. We're just talking the weird, mostly harmless stuff that makes everyone else roll their eyes.


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  • Popping Each Other's Pimples


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    A writer for Elite Daily claims popping each other's pimples is a reflection of your relationship. "Popping your partner’s pimples doesn’t merely release a whole bunch of that sticky, opaque yellow goo; it also releases all of your undying affection for each other, right out in the open." Or, if you ask a dermatologist, it's something neither of you should be doing to your skin.

  • Leaving the Bathroom Door Open


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    Why so prude? We're all human. Everybody poops. Maybe you're in the middle of an important conversation when nature calls. Well, might as well keep talking with the door open. Just try and ignore the awkward sounds and smells. Sometimes love has a funny odor, you know? 

  • Finishing Each Other's Sentences


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    Sometimes it's like you're living inside each other's heads. Why should your husband ever have to complete a sentence by himself when you're there to help finish it for him? That's not annoying or anything!

  • Eating Off Each Other's Plates


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    "You gonna finish that?" is probably the best diet there is because it takes all of the control out of your hands. Sure. Go ahead. I wasn't enjoying that ice cream sundae or anything.

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  • Combining Facebook Profiles


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    We have become one. #MindMeld

  • Picking Out Each Other's Clothes


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    There's a world of difference between "honey, do you like this dress?" and actually picking out your mate's clothes for the day like some real-life Christian Grey or a toddler's mommy.

  • Spilling Other People's Secrets


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    Does your sister appreciate you telling your husband all about her sex life? No. No she does not. Some things need to be kept in confidence. 

  • Sharing a Toothbrush


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    We're not talking when one of you loses yours or forgets it on a trip. We're talking eh, we kiss each other so what's the point of having two of these, ever?

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  • Wearing Matching Outfits


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    Planned ones -- on purpose and everything. No one wants to see that! Stop it now.

  • Picking Each Other's Noses


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    You can pick your friends, and you can pick your nose. But for the love of God get your fingers out of your man's nose, that's so gross! (Yeah yeah, you're just flicking away something you saw hanging out ...)

  • Super Personal Grooming


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    Is the romance dead when you start shaving or waxing your bikini area right in front of him?

  • Farting Without Apology


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    It happens to everyone, and it's not a huge deal. Just say, "oops, excuse me!" But when couples fart with abandon and start complimenting each other on the volume and intensity of odor, that's going way too far. See also: Free-form belching.


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