Disney Fans Recreate Classic Movie in Creative Engagement Shoot (PHOTOS)

happily ever after
Just when you thought you were the biggest Disney fan on the planet, soon-to-be-wed couple Tony Collier and Corinne Jones have to go and one-up you with some seriously adorable, Disney-inspired engagement photos modeled after one of the Mouse House's biggest movies.


The pair, who met while working at Walt Disney World (go figure!), reenact one of the sweetest scenes in the studio's expansive movie library. If you can guess which flick they're copying, you may just be one of the biggest Disney fanatics the world knows, too.

At first Corinne is just kickin' it, doing her own thing while reading on a park bench.

Tony is taking in some peaceful time by the lake, too.

Whoops -- they get a little tangled up.

Oh, dear, into the water they went.

Such a gentleman to help the young lady up and out of the water.

Hmmm ... think this could be the start of something?

By now you've probably figured out which movie Tony and Corinne are recreating, but if you're still stumped, click here.

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Does it get any cuter than that? I don't think so. I'm wondering if it would be too much to ask for the couple to recreate another Disney film for their wedding photos. If it's a winter ceremony, I suggest Frozen. They can end with true love's kiss. Not that I'm overthinking this or anything. Either way, job well done, guys. You killed it!


Image via Vici Arif Wicaksono/shutterstock

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