Jessica Simpson's Positive That Her Husband Is 'Hotter Than Yours'

jessica simpson eric johnsonJessica Simpson's husband Eric Johnson celebrated his 36th birthday yesterday, and on his big day, Jessica took to Instagram to pay tribute to her man.


Except she somehow decided to do it in an eyebrow-raising braggy way. Check it out.

My husband is hotter than yours! Happy Birthday Eric Maxwell Johnson! You forever make me lust. �

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Um, okay, Jess ...

Obviously, her husband is a good-looking guy, and I certainly approve of a healthy dose of lust in a marriage. But is it just me or is there something odd about the "my husband is hotter than yours" comment? It feels like a bit of a humble brag, like what she is really saying is, "I'm so hot that I've landed the hottest guy!"

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Perhaps she was just being playful with her comment, but it does make me wonder if she is, on some level, being a bit insecure or competitive, which seems totally unnecessary.

I just don't get it when anyone, male or female, feels the need to use their spouse's attractiveness to make other people feel like they don't measure up. Gross. Husband hotness isn't a competition. And it's awesome if you still lust after your man after being together for years, but no need to pass judgment on anyone else's partner.

Seriously, this famous mama of two has no need to act defensive or competitive. She's Jessica Simpson for crying out loud! She's got the cute family, the big-bucks fashion empire, and a second marriage that seems to make her happy.

Anyone else think she should just relax on the competitive comments, and just go enjoy a slice of birthday cake?


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