Couple Finds True Love & World Travel On ... Tinder?! (VIDEO)

Grace met boyfriend on TinderThink Tinder and you think hookups. One-night stands. Disastrous dinner dates where you text your friend under the table and say, "He does NOT look like his pic!!!" But lo and behold, the cruising capital of the Internet has surprised us. One lucky couple has actually used Tinder to find L-O-V-E.


Thomas Gallagher, aka Reddit user Lagger, used to swipe left and right like everybody else on Tinder. No big deal. But on a work trip to Chicago last March, he messaged a random girl about one of her travel photos. She responded. Banter ensued.

Banter that involved Thomas inviting Grace to China. (And Grace inviting him to New Zealand.)

Honestly, real-life banter is never good as movie dialogue or, say, the early days of most Shonda Rhimes TV shows. But here you go:

Thomas Gallagher Tinder chat

So what happened next? Well, after messaging back and forth for about a month, Thomas met Grace in person. Then they began flying to see each other every weekend.

And sure enough, BOTH made good on their initial promise. They recently arrived in Beijing. And have reservations for New Zealand this winter.

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"She hasn't tried to murder me yet and has still not revealed any signs of being a bot," Thomas insisted to his buddies on Reddit. "I honestly have not been happier."

And sure, he admits that "everybody wants some 'princess bride' story about their relationship. But some people meet on Tinder. As terrible as that sounds."

It doesn't sound terrible! Unless, of course, she's secretly married and is draining his bank accounts as we speak. Or, of course, HE's a bot.

To appease skeptics, Thomas made a video proving their relationship is real. Grace's discomfort at being filmed sure looks real!

Good luck, you two. You're a great poster couple for Tinder. And now you can turn off those screens and focus just on each other.


Images via Thomas/vimeo; imgur

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