John Legend Has Figured Out the Key to Making Marriage Work (PHOTO)

Chrissy Teigen John LegendSexy singer John Legend and his supermodel wife Chrissy Teigen celebrated their wedding anniversary yesterday, and despite only two years of married life under his belt, Legent revealed in a recent interview that he had figured out one of the major keys to a successful marriage.


It's teamwork, yo. So simple, yet so spot-on.

In his interview with Refinery29, Legend talks both about his upcoming new album and about how his wife, about whom he wrote the ultra-romantic song All of Me, has his back:

We give each other advice. I think she has a good eye for marketing and understanding what’s funny and cool. She definitely gives me advice on that. We both try to help each other out

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I have to say, I love them as a couple. They may be both ridiculously good-looking, talented, and rich, but they also seem to be genuinely crazy in love with each other. And while those of us who are mere mortals might not be able to relate to their fame and fortune, I think we can all agree that marriage works better when you try to help your partner out, whatever his or her job might be. 

I'm predicting these two will have a great third year of marriage!


Image via johnlegend/Instagram

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