4 Myths About Women & Sex — Debunked!

woman and man in loveSo you may think you know everything there IS to know about sex from reading women's magazines, but we're going to take, er, issue with that. (Just because editors slap a great headline on a story doesn't make it fact, FYI.) Case in point? A new survey asked women some intimate questions about their sex lives and the responses were pretty much NOT what would you expect.


Let's start off with all the preconceived notions we have about sex, a la magazine covers.

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You get the vibe here. Men want more sex and are more satisfied when they get it. Dare we even infer that they're BETTER at it than women?

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According to fertility awareness blog Kindara, that ain't the case. (Of course, it's not the case!) Here's what a survey they sent out to their community found:

Emotional connection is most important for good sex. That's right. Over half the women surveyed listed this as the #1 thing they cared about. Only 4 percent thought novelty mattered. Sorry, magazine eds. You can stop trying to storyboard new sex-pretzel positions.

Women want more sex. The sound you hear is men all over the world weeping with gratitude. Nearly three-quarters of the survey's respondents wanted to be getting it on more than three times a week. Thirteen percent craved sex six times a week or more.

Orgasms -- no longer a mythical land you have to travel afar to reach. For all the stories you may read about the "elusive" Big O, 72.6 percent of women orgasm at least once, or even multiple times, during every sex act. The number's a huge improvement over the paltry 29 percent reported by women back in 1994. (Insert your own "how far we've come" joke here.)

Not having sex isn't always about "not being in the mood." The biggest bedroom killer isn't lack of desire. (Despite what the new female Viagra would have you believe.) And only 11 percent of respondents blamed having young kids. The hugest reason women aren't getting it on as much as they'd like? Stress.

So what have we learned from this? A) that we need to reduce our stress, for starters. B) We probably need to turn off our screens so we can emotionally connect more with our husbands. And C) Stop believing everything we read. (In magazines, that is.) 

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