Groom Levitates During Magic-Filled First Wedding Dance With His Bride (VIDEO)

levitating groom magician brideThe couple that levitates together stays together, right? A wedding video featuring a magician groom is going viral and you have to see why.


Thanks to social media we've seen our fair share of outrageous wedding videos featuring all kinds of insane choreography and other hilarious gimmicks, but this couple takes the cake.

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Not only are newlyweds Justin Willman and Jillian Sipkins just gorgeous (seriously, I wish I had that wedding dress), but they put a magical spin on the first dance that will be hard to replicate, ending with the groom actually levitating on the dance floor. Yes -- levitating. It is all sorts of amazing.

There's so much I need to know, like how many times did they have to practice this? Is Jillian privy to how her new spouse does that? And where did she get her moves from? I need answers, people.


Image via Justin Willman/YouTube

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