Everyone Thinks Travis Scott Is Rihanna's New Boyfriend but We Doubt It (VIDEO)

OooOOoooh, looks like Rihanna has a boyfriend now! All through New York Fashion Week Riri and rapper Travis Scott were seen canoodling multiple times. "Travis and Rihanna are dating, officially," a source told E! News. "It's already very serious. He's very into her."


Well, who wouldn't be if they managed to get Rihanna's attention? I'm sure Travis is very much into her. The question is, how into him is she?

Another insider told E!, "Rihanna likes Travis a lot and hopes it develops into something more. All of her friends think he is gonna be the keeper." Do they now? Well then why did she post this message on Instagram?


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This being Rihanna, she could be joking. Or she could be talking about other women. OR! This could be her way of saying, Look, I don't have a boyfriend and I don't want a boyfriend. 

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Relationships aren't for everyone. Maybe Riri wants to have some fun with Travis Scott -- but she doesn't want another man to feel like he owns her. It could be she really does think she's a ... well, "difficult" woman and she doesn't want to change that for the sake of having an exclusive with one other person at this point in her life. She's "bad girl" Riri, not "sweet, accommodating" Riri.  

Besides, Blake Shelton thinks he's got his turn with Rihanna coming up. (Haha, he's delusional, but let's just give it to him.)

Not every woman has to be in a relationship, and not every woman even wants to be in a relationship. I think that's a hard concept for some people to wrap their heads around. But if you're interested in Rihanna, you'd better. 

Anyway, here's video of Rihanna making out with Travis Scott because that's what some adults do when they're attracted to each other. No big deal.


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