Widow Explains Tribute Tattoo for Fallen Officer Husband Just Days After He Was Killed (VIDEO)

kathleen goforth tattooIn late August, the unthinkable happened to Kathleen Goforth's husband. While pumping gas at a Chevron station in Harris County, Texas, Darren, a deputy sheriff still wearing his uniform, was gunned down from behind. Kathleen suddenly found herself a widow -- and their 5-year-old son without a father. Deputy Goforth's widow has since gotten a touching tattoo that honors her marriage -- and should inspire us all.


Three days after Darren's death, Kathleen drove to a Houston tattoo parlor to get a permanent tribute to her husband, whom she called "my best friend."

The tattoo on Kathleen's left arm reads Nemo me impune lacessit, a Latin phrase that translates to mean, "No one attacks me with impunity."

In a video recorded with Kathleen's permission by the owner of the body art shop, she explains its significance:

I'm getting this tattoo, not just for you, Darren, but for all the men and women in uniform who serve and sacrifice, to honor them. Whatever deed or evil act is done. Whether we know about it on Earth or not, it is done. It will be punished. It will be rectified. It will not go unnoticed.

Below the Latin phrase, Kathleen chose a semicolon to honor those bravely living with mental illness, and the inspiring phrase, "Be the change."

'Be the change' is the first part of the Gandhi quote -- 'Be the change you want to see in the world.' What I want to see in the world is our men and women in uniform revered and honored.

A line of the tattoo reads "1984," which was Darren's badge number.


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"That was yours, baby," Kathleen says in the video. "I love you, Darren. Always."

Death of a spouse is difficult under any circumstance, but knowing the life of your husband -- and the father of your child -- was purposely ripped away adds a whole other dimension of grief.

Darren, 47, was buried in the Captain America shirt he had bought to wear with his young son. His son wore a matching shirt to the funeral. Over 11,000 people came out to pay honor to the man described by a childhood friend as a "gentle soul."

The words Kathleen had inked on her arm won't bring her husband back. But we hope every time she looks down and sees them, they'll give her comfort.

-- And hope that we can be the change.


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