If Amber Heard Took Johnny Depp's Name, Things Would Have Gotten Silly (VIDEO)

Johnny Depp Amber Heard Many women prefer to keep their own names after tying the knot. When it comes to Hollywood actresses, it's more the rule than the exception, mainly because they've built up that all-important name recognition. But Jimmy Kimmel may have just uncovered the hilarious reason Amber Heard didn't take husband Johnny Depp's name.


Now you'd think that most women would be thrilled at the chance to be called "Mrs. Depp," but not the 29-year-old Texan. Kimmel thinks it's a matter of how the Black Mass actor's surname sounds when paired with Heard's. Watch how this news seems to astound the Pirates of the Caribbean star (who's still rockin' that look, btw):

Too funny! Leave it to Kimmel to make that connection. Of course, we all know silly Jimmy's got it backwards. If she took Depp's name, she'd be Amber Heard-Depp. (Still not too catchy, but we don't think she'd be mistaken for a shepherd!) 

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We have to wonder, based on Depp's hilarious reaction, if he and Heard will discuss this topic. Something tells us she'll be sticking with her own name regardless!   


Image via Splash News

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