Jessica Simpson Names Her Biggest Money Mistake & His Initials Are N.L. (VIDEO)

Fashion designer, singer, and former reality television star Jessica Simpson appeared on CNBC's Closing Bell to talk about her budding business empire. When host Kelly Evans asked Simpson what her biggest money mistake was, she responded, "my first marriage."


Jessica was only joking ... sort of. She actually paused to think a moment and then said, "The biggest money mistakes? I don't know. For some reason I thought of my first marriage."

Both women cracked up and then Evans said, "That's actually a common answer, believe it or not."

I do believe it! Obviously marriage is about way more than money. And you can't dismiss any marriage, however troubled, as simply a "mistake."

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However, rushing into marriage with someone who turns out to be a less-than-ideal partner, or who is just plain dishonest, can lead to financial disaster. Divorce costs money, and dividing shared assets and living in two different households is going to make you feel poorer. Even if you stay married, if you're stuck with a compulsive gambler, for example, you are Mrs. Screwed (and not in a fun way).

On the other hand ... didn't Simpson achieve fame and fortune thanks to that reality TV show she did with Nick Lachey, Newlyweds? Sure, her recording career was going great before that. But the show made her a household name. You can't pick up a can of Chicken of the Sea without thinking of her.

Just kidding -- the show (WHICH WAS ABOUT HER MARRIAGE) led to lucrative endorsements, big album sales, and a fashion line for her.

Then Simpson and Lachey divorced, of course, and they had to divvy up their assets. According to TMZ, the couple earned $36 million during their marriage but Simpson walked away with the lion's share.

So you could say Jessica's first marriage wasn't such a big money mistake after all. But I guess I'm a glass-more-than-half-full kinda gal.


Image via J. Webber/Splash News

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