Couple's 'Drunk History' Video Is Our Favorite New Wedding Trend

"How did you two meet?" This is a question every couple must answer over and over again, especially at their wedding reception. It's a great way to ruin your favorite story! So comedian/magician Justin Willman and photographer Jillian Sipkins created a brilliant solution: A Drunk History–style "how we met" video.


If you're not already familiar, Drunk History is a video series created by Derek Waters in which he (or someone else) gets drunk and narrates a moment in history which is reenacted by actors -- using his drunk voice-over. 

Well, Willman and Sipkins thought that would be a pretty great way to share their own romantic history. Willman later posted the video to Facebook, saying, "We didn't want to waste time at the wedding reception having to answer the question "how did you two meet?", so with the help of a few friends and a lot of booze we made this video to show at the rehearsal dinner."

They drank a lot for this video.

I would have passed out after sharing the bottle of whisky. Mad respect to this couple's livers. I'm feeling inspired, how about you?

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No, really -- I think creating your own "how we met" video for the reception is a brilliant idea. You don't have to do yours drunk, obviously. This was probably very Justin and Jillian -- you really get a sense of their personalities, which is exactly what you want. But there's a million different ways you could spin your story.

I also love how nonlinear Justin and Jillian's romance was. They met, but they didn't start dating right away. That's so typical, right?

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And I love that [SPOILER ALERT!!!] what finally got things going between those two was the photo Jillian posted on Instagram. Wow, wouldn't you love to see that photo? I guess posting a hot selfie really can work ... for something other than just another hookup. Maybe there was something more to Jillian's selfie than the usual contorted pose and fish lips.

And now, because it really is worth watching all 12 minutes, I give you: "Justin & Jill's Drunk History." Warning: Salty language ahoy. Hide the kids or turn down the volume.


Image via Justin Willman/YouTube

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