Amy Duggar's Wedding Dress & Other Details Prove She's Quite the Rebel (PHOTOS)

Another Duggar tied the knot over the weekend, and this time it was a much different affair than the last couple of Duggar weddings we've seen. Jill Duggar and Jessa Duggar both married last year with huge weddings, with more than a thousand guests each, but cousin Amy Duggar opted to keep it smaller and simpler.


Her dress was somewhat smaller too -- practically scandalous by Duggar standards! Check out this sweet photo her new husband Dillon King posted to Instagram:

It's strapless! And look at all that cleavage! Definitely not something that Jill or Jessa would have worn, but Amy absolutely adored it.

The blushing bride couldn't have been happier with her choice of wedding dress, saying: "I loved how modern it was, and I love the train ... I love everything about it. I would wear it to the grocery store and the gas station. I might bowl in it. Go-karts ... I'll find a way to wear it all the time."

Here's a more full-length look at her dress:


Plus, the bride and groom had lots of practice leading up to their kiss at the altar. She's shared several selfies of her and Dillon kissing, and has made no secret of the fact she didn't feel the need to wait until the wedding for a kiss.

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They also opted not to have traditional flower girls, opting instead for "ringing of the bell" girls -- younger cousins who rang bells instead of dropping petals on the way down the aisle. And they swapped out a traditional hour-long sermon on marriage for a briefer talk that including roller coasters.

"We kept it really short and fun but still meaningful and sincere," Amy said of the speech.

It sounds like it was a magical day for Amy Duggar King!


Image via kingdillpickle/Instagram

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