13 Bridesmaid Horror Stories That Will Make Your Jaw Drop (PHOTOS)

bridesmaid dressesAs someone who has been a bridesmaid many times, I can totally understand why people have mixed feelings about the experience. On the one hand, it is so flattering to know that someone feels close enough to you to want you to be a big part of her special day. On the other hand, being a bridesmaid can be expensive, tiring, and filled with ugly dresses and bridezilla drama.


From inappropriate groomsmen and cheating brides to bailing the bridesmaid dress out of jail, the following 13 stories of bridesmaid duties gone wrong will blow your mind. You might even find yourself thinking that having to wear that ugly seafoam green number wasn't so bad after all!

Some names have been changed to protect the innocent.


Image via Alexander Tolstykh/shutterstock