Guy Tries to Woo Girlfriend With Puns While Hiking -- and It Might Be Working! (VIDEO)

couple hiking Imagine you and your boyfriend are on a nice, romantic hike in New Zealand. There is lush vegetation, running water, beautiful scenery-- sounds lovely, right? Now add in a boyfriend who won't stop making terrible, terrible hiking puns, and you have the experience of poor Evie, girlfriend of Gary Pointon: pun enthusiast.


Check it out:

Now, to be fair, it does seem like Eve is at least smiling at some of these terrible jokes, which must be a sign that she loves him.

Because, really, Gary? "We're not very main-stream?" That was the best you could do?

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We're not sure how long Evie and Gary have been together, but we have a hunch that if she can survive all the nature puns, these two have a bright future together.

You might even say that they are a "tree-mendous" pair.


Image via Dudarev Mikhail/shutterstock

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