Jennifer Garner & Ben Affleck's 2-Hour, Post-Split Counseling Has Us Wondering (PHOTO)

Jennifer Garner and Ben affleck
We know most couples will do everything they can to make their divorce easier on the kids. But are Jennifer Garner and Ben Affleck really seeking marriage counseling in the wake of their super-publicized split? Though they arrived separately, they were spotted leaving together as pictured above.


The Hollywood couple, married for a decade and a day before separating in June, was spotted arriving separately for a two-hour session at a Los Angeles-based counseling center. 

Wow, you've got to wonder what went on in there! We've heard that Ben's been reluctant to remove his ring but at the same time it would seem pretty generous of Jen to be giving this guy another chance in light of the rampant nanny-affair rumors. 

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Who knows, maybe they're both trying to take the high road to make the best decisions for their three young children. Talking things over with a trained professional certainly beats hashing it out in front of the kids!

Divorce the celebrity way sure seems different from how it impacts families in "real life." Living on the same property, vacationing together, getting a puppy, and now attending couples therapy! This sure takes the whole conscious uncoupling to new heights. Whatever is going on, we hope it works out for the best for everyone.

Image via Bauer-Griffin/

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