10 Dads Reveal Who They Love More: Wife or Kids? (PHOTOS)

family dad kissing momWhen it comes to his list of favorite people, are you in the number #1 spot on your husband's list? Are you sure? When it comes to love and parenting, we often debate who a mother should put first when it comes to kids and husbands, but at the same time, we don't often ask men to spill who ranks first in their hearts. Well, until NOW, that is.


I put some men on the spot and after promising to change a few names and to not spill the beans to their wives, I found 10 brave souls willing to spill the beans.

Their answers were sweet, surprising, and much more moving than you might expect. You might find yourself a little teary-eyed at how much being a dad means to these average guys and at just how much they love their wives.


Image via Kalinich_E/shutterstock

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