10 Dads Reveal Who They Love More: Wife or Kids? (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Sep 2, 2015 Love & Sex

family dad kissing momWhen it comes to his list of favorite people, are you in the number #1 spot on your husband's list? Are you sure? When it comes to love and parenting, we often debate who a mother should put first when it comes to kids and husbands, but at the same time, we don't often ask men to spill who ranks first in their hearts. Well, until NOW, that is.

I put some men on the spot and after promising to change a few names and to not spill the beans to their wives, I found 10 brave souls willing to spill the beans.

Their answers were sweet, surprising, and much more moving than you might expect. You might find yourself a little teary-eyed at how much being a dad means to these average guys and at just how much they love their wives.


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  • Package Deal


    "Um, crap, that is tough. I guess I would say that I love my kids and I love my wife and having kids made me love my wife even more. I guess it is like a package deal. Like I had X amount of love in my life before the kids came and now it is like X times 10, but it is for our whole life as a family." -- K.J. B., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • Priority #1


    "I love my kids, but my first priority is making sure I do a good job making my marriage good. The kids will only live with us for, what, 20 years? And we'll be married for at least 50, so I want to make sure she is happy to be stuck with me." -- Darren L., Chicago, Illinois

  • A Dad Forever


    "I've been married before and thought I'd love my ex-wife forever. But I don't anymore. I know romantic relationships can change (especially if someone cheats, MINDY) but nothing will ever make me not a dad. So, I guess I love my kid more? But don't tell my wife that." -- Alan W., Phoenix, Arizona

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  • Primal Love


    "I met my wife in junior high, so I've known her most of my life and loved her for almost 20 years. I've known my baby for six months. The love I feel for her is primal, like a hardwired-to-protect-her kind of thing. With my wife, it is more complex. I choose her. Feels dumb to even try to compare them. No offense." -- Lance S., Albert Lea, Minnesota

  • Without Her


    "Without my wife, I wouldn't have my kids. So I have love and gratitude for her." -- Henry T., Billings, Montana

  • Trick Question


    "Is this a trick question? Who would be stupid enough to answer this question? There is no way I'm touching that." -- James R., Glendale, Arizona

  • Ego


    "I feel sometimes like my wife loves me even though I'm an idiot that she is always annoyed with. My kid looks at my like I am a combination of God and Santa all rolled into one. From an ego standpoint, kid wins." -- Axel A., Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Responsible


    "I think I feel more secure in my love with my wife and more anxious about my daughter. My wife and I get each other, and our relationship is not perfect but solid. But, shit, man -- raising a daughter? It is scary! I feel a lot of responsibility to not screw this up." -- Vince D., Atlanta, Georgia

  • Family First


    "In my culture, nothing is more important than family. I could never choose to love one person more than another. It would be like trying to decide my favorite limb. I need them all." -- Ali H., Saint Paul, Minnesota

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  • She is More Important


    "Happy wife, happy life! I love my wife and my kids, but I feel like my relationship with my wife is more important. I think we are better parents if our relationship is good so I try to give her more of my love, I think." -- Michael F., Lawrence, Kansas

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