Why Men Love You More in High Heels

colored high heelsAs much as you love your Chuck Taylors, flip flops, or running shoes, let's be real. They are simply NOT as sexy as five-inch high heels. And it's not just us who think this. Evolution is in favor of women wearing high heels, too. And uh, every male on the planet.


Wearing high heels is not super-fun unless you're a supermodel and walking down the runway is your JOB. They hurt. They squeeze your feet in all the wrong places. And if you've ever tried to walk a dog, catch a bus, or climb down a fire escape in heels, you know just how much they suck.

Still, scientists at the University of Portsmouth in the U.K. think women who wear them have a distinct advantage over those who opt for flat-soled shoes. And Psychology Today parsed out exactly why.

High heels make us walk MORE like women.

See, men have a distinct gait. They walk faster and take longer strides than us. They also move their heads and upper bodies more.

With women, it's all about the hips. And taking more and shorter steps. And when we're teetering on high heels, even when we're cursing them under our breath, we make all those hip motions/tiny steps even MORE.

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When shown video clips of women walking in either high heels or flat-soled shoes, both men AND women who participated in the Portsmouth study rated the heeled women as more attractive.

In other words, high heels are to men what swelling, red bottoms on female baboons are to their male counterparts. Seriously. That's what the scientists said.

So go ahead and slip into your flip flops when it comes time to grocery shop or pick up the kids from school. But for date night? Time to slip on the heels.


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