'Ridiculously Happy' Marine's Love Story Is the Perfect Modern Fairy Tale (PHOTOS)

marine and dogDo you like cute guys? Do you like cute guys in uniform? Trick question. Of course you do! Now, surely, you want to hear about a "ridiculously happy" marine who fell in love, plus see photos of puppies.


Over two years ago, a U.S. Marine who uses the online handle StrayBullet posted a picture of himself on Imgur and, well, the Internet went wild for him and his amazing smile.

Then and Now

He soon became known as the "ridiculously happy Marine" and had a legion of followers, including a fellow Imgur user named Wlfqueen07, who sent a comment that started a conversation.

StrayBullet eventually returned to the United States.

That's right. RHM is hitting stateside. Look for him in your local movie theaters, dive bars and Taco Bells.Oh, Geoff the Giraffe is coming too. WE BE HOMEWARD BOUND!

And it turned out that his online admirer didn't live too far away. An online conversation became an in-person one, and now, they are happily in love. Awww!

happy couple

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What a sweet reminder that you can find love in the most unexpected places. I'm sure Cesci never guessed that one comment would turn into some much more. Now, she has love and internet fame!

It looks like Ridiculously Happy Marine has plenty to keep smiling about.

ridiculously happy marine conversation with cesci

Let's hope they someday post wedding pictures or, at the very least, more cute pictures with the dog.

I guess I keep it pretty cold in the house...


Images via StrayBullet/Imgur

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