Dating Tips From Little Girls Are Seriously On-Point (VIDEO)

Make up When it comes to matters of the heart, choosing where to go for advice is important. So trust me when I say that perhaps the best tips actually come from people with the least experience: children! Cosmo produced an adorable video of little girls helping women get ready for a first date. Their makeup artistry may not have been perfect, but their dating advice was on-point.


From what to where to what to eat and how to handle the important issue of kissing, these girls weren't shy about doling out dating tips.

I love that these kids can shed light on the truth of relationships. It is important that he is nice to you, you should be able to wear something comfortable (and not itchy!) around him, and it is totally okay to take the lead and make the first move when it comes to kissing.

Also, let's all take the advice on getting the steak and mashed potatoes for a meal on a date. If you can't feel comfortable eating a real, non-salad meal in front of a guy, he probably isn't the one for you.

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Now, I would hesitate to take beauty advice from these little ladies, as I'm pretty sure connecting my eyeliner to my eyebrows or wearing 17 layers of blush isn't my best look, but I'd feel comfortable asking for relationship tips. Sometimes kids just have it figured out.


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