Magician Uses Alphabet Pasta for Unbelievably Clever & Romantic Proposal (VIDEO)

alphabet soupWhen you're dating a magician, you probably expect that if he ever pops the question, it will be in a pretty creative way. Well, one illusionist outdid himself when he spelled out "Marry Me" after swallowing a tin of alphabet soup and a string in front of an awestruck crowd at the Edinburgh Fringe Festival! 


Clearly, this was not your ordinary can of alphabet soup! What a totally original way to propose! It's priceless to watch magician Neil Henry, of London, and his girlfriend, Charlie Gardner, share this private moment so publicly! Charlie's girlfriend's stunned reaction as she begins to spell out this life-changing message is so perfect. 

You could tell she was a little bit mortified when she was pulled up on stage in the first place, but, hey, ending up with a diamond certainly beats getting sawed in half, right? 

And we're so glad he didn't cough up the ring! The trick he does to produce it is just amazing! This audience certainly caught a memorable performance. We wish the happy couple all the best for a lifetime of sweet surprises. 


Image via rorem/shutterstock

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