Cheaters Deserve All the Privacy They Need to Be Unfaithful

woman cheating on her husbandIt has been less than a week since the criminals behind the Ashley Madison website hack released personal data attached to millions of user accounts, and we've already seen several well-known users "outed." In turn, there are growing questions about whether cheaters have any right to privacy at all. A recent survey suggests that, for half of Americans, the answer to that question is "no."


According to researchers at YouGov, 82 percent of people believe that "ordinary people" should have a reasonable expectation that their sex life is a private matter. I would argue that number should be 100 percent, but even 82 percent looks good when you consider that 50 percent of respondents said "cheaters" don't deserve to have their sex life stay private. Further, 24 percent of people think that it is okay for the news media to report on the sex lives of ordinary citizens if it is "newsworthy." Wow.

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The researchers also revealed that 49 percent of people feel like celebrities deserve privacy and only 44 percent think politicians should expect their private life to stay private. So, celebs and politicians are more entitled to privacy than the guy next door who might have had a one-time fling on a business trip. Really?

I understand that we live in the information age, but am I the only one who thinks this is crazy?

The ONLY people who have a right to know about my sex life are my husband and me. Period. I can understand the interest when someone like Josh Duggar, who has made a living out of telling other people not to be sinners, gets caught being a hypocrite, but I can't understand why anyone thinks they have a right to know about what happens in someone else's marriage.

Also, it seems to me that the people who are so gleeful about outing cheaters need to remember that it isn't just the cheater that suffers. Their spouse, their children -- they also have to live with it and they shouldn't have to deal with the public knowing every sordid detail.

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The bottom line is that ordinary people deserve privacy when it comes to the most intimate parts of their lives, whether they are a cheater or not. I just wish more than 32 percent of Americans agreed with me!


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