What You Order on a Date Says More About You Than You Realize

datig coupleAs if first dates weren't challenging enough, now it turns out the food you order on a date may impact your chances of sealing the deal or even getting a second date. A survey of over 2,000 people revealed that, ladies, if you want to get asked out again, you'd better skip the salad. Say what?


This is great news for us gals who want the surf and turf, right? According to the findings, one third of men said they found women with large appetites attractive. Nearly the same amount of the ladies surveyed said they, too, are looking for a guy who's really excited about his meal. In fact, 10 percent say a man who simply orders greens is considered "wimpy" or "boring."

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We suppose it makes sense as food is often considered very sensual and if you have a passion for a good meal, your date may be led to believe you have an impressive appetite in other important areas, shall we say.

For example, if you're not willing to experiment with a new cuisine, does that imply you're not too adventurous in general? Tough to say for sure, but it seems likely. A guy who's afraid to try sushi probably isn't going to go skydiving. Just sayin'.

Because so many dates revolve around dining, it's also really important to find someone whose tastes are compatible with your own. Nobody likes to be the only one ordering dessert or tucking into a side of ribs while the person across the table delicately slices some steamed veggies. And vice versa, of course!

What about ordering from the bar, you ask? Turns out 24 percent of men are happy to get a little tipsy on a date, while 17 percent of women are looking to take the edge off. Again, this seems logical -- especially on first dates, which can be brutally awkward! 

Are we suggesting you should order a porterhouse if you're a vegetarian just to impress your date? Definitely not. But showing some gustatory enthusiasm no matter which entrée you choose probably wouldn't hurt!  


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