Woman Live Tweets a Couple's Extremely Awkward Breakup on a Plane

airplaneWe can all agree that while there is no ideal place to get dumped, there are some locations that are worse than others. Like, for example, while you are trapped on a plane and sitting next to someone with a smartphone and a Twitter account who is bored enough to live Tweet your break up to the whole world. Yikes!


For one poor woman on a recent flight, this was a horrible reality. Her now-ex-boyfriend for some reason decided the perfect moment to end things would be while they were trapped on a the tarmac during a flight delay, on a crowded plane with no privacy whatsoever. 

So, now not only does this woman have to deal with no leg room, stale air, and a lack of snacks but she also gets to try to work her way through a dumping in front of curious onlookers, both on the plane and online. Harsh.

With the other passengers on the flight hanging on to every word, things got even more tense for this doomed couple.

Dude, I don't think you get to tell her to "calm down" when you decided to dump her in public. ON A PLANE.

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Finally, the flight took off and they did the only reasonable thing they could do in this situation.

Frankly, he is lucky she didn't throw an epic public tantrum like this recent dumpee in Hong Kong did.

Actually, it is probably the other passengers on the plane that lucked out on that one. I am sure the flight was already pretty memorable with out a 90-minute flop and scream fest from a grown woman.

The identity of the couple isn't known, but I hope that she is now safely at home, burning photos of the jerk who chose to dump her in the worst possible location ever.


Image via TonyYao/iStock

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