Couple's Wedding Cake Is a 5-Year-Old's Dream Come True -- Wait, What?! (PHOTO)

surprise inside wedding cake We all know marriage requires compromise and the sooner you start, the better, right? One bride made a pretty big concession when it came to her wedding. While it looked traditional on the outside, the couple's cake had inner layers containing a colorful superhero tribute. Wait, what?


Newlyweds Kia Parsons and Billy Bunning each had a different vision for their wedding cake, but thankfully cake designer Julia Baker (is that the perfect name or what??) of Tier By Tier was able to satisfy their cravings and prevent a potential pre-wedding feud. Just look at her marvelous creation!  

And now for the big reveal!

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While we love that this cake represents the first of many trade-offs, we have to wonder if this superhero thing wouldn't stir up doubts in the minds of some brides. Seriously, it's amazing but it also looks like the kind of cake you'd order for a 5-year-old's birthday celebration!

Do you think this groom lobbied his bride to register at Comic Con rather than Pottery Barn? Can't you picture them sleeping between Spider-Man sheets with a Green Lantern duvet cover? 

It's great for your hubby to have hobbies, but would you have to dedicate a corner of the living room to his action figure collection? Yeesh! 

We're joking (sort of) of course! Very often marriage requires superhero-like qualities, and it sounds like this guy will be a fun dad. We're glad he found a lady who's willing to indulge him in this interest! 


Images via V_Lisovoy/shutterstock; Tier By Tier/Facebook

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