Woman's Crazy Post-Breakup Temper Tantrum Has the World Cringing (VIDEO)

 It is never fun to be dumped, especially not by text message. But if you do get dumped, you can go get drunk with your girlfriends and announce that he had a small, unsatisfying penis. You can have a threesome with Ben & Jerry (I suggest Cherry Garcia) while watching sappy movies. You can do almost anything, and retain some of your dignity -- except for throwing an epic tantrum in the streets of Hong Kong.


Unfortunately for this unknown dumpee, all 90 (!) minutes of her street tantrum were captured by a cell phone camera and now live on the Internet forever.

I am impressed not only by her commitment to making a scene but her flexibility. Those were some impressive splits and somersaults she performed!

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Luckily for this woman, her face is blurred out in the video, so hopefully when she comes to her senses and realizes no boyfriend is worth 90 minutes of acting like a sugar-possessed 3-year-old, she isn't too embarrassed.

Does anyone know if they sell Ben & Jerry's in Hong Kong?


Image via WorldNews/YouTube

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