Guy Dresses Up as 'Halloween' Killer to Propose, But It's Sweeter Than It Sounds (VIDEO)

mike myers halloween proposalYou are walking down the street when suddenly a masked man, dressed like the serial killer from the Halloween movies, emerges silently from the hedges. He stares at you, and your heart rate quickens. He is holding something in his hand -- and it's your engagement ring ...?!


For horror movie–obsessed Katherine Canipe, this was the perfect proposal from her now-fiancé Alec Wells. The proposal, in all its creepy glory, was captured on video by friends of the couple. Check it out below.

You've got to admit that this is the perfect example of knowing your audience.

This proposal is definitely memorable, but for many of us, it would be memorable in the "now I need therapy" way. But for a gal like Katherine who hosts her own podcast about horror movies, it was AWESOME.

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And if the proposal doesn't prove just how much of a movie buff she is, check out the amazing Back to the Future send-up that's her engagement photo:

Engagement photo made epic by @rickymiddlesworth #greatscott #backtothefuture #bttf #bttf2015

A photo posted by Kat Canipe (@allhallowskat) on

I don't know about you, but I am dying to see wedding photos from this happy couple!


Image via Alec Wells/YouTube

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