Ashley Madison Hack: How to Check If Your Husband Was on the Site

The hackers on "The Impact Team" who released the information of 36 million Ashley Madison users knew what they were doing -- they picked the one dating site that's more incriminating than embarassing. And while it's fun to watch celebs get slammed by the Ashley Madison hack, there's one thing we all want to know: Is there anyone I know on that list? It's finally possible to find out if your husband was using Ashley Madison ... if you dare.


It's pretty easy, actually -- there a couple websites set up like  Trustify and that let you enter an email address to see if any accounts were set up on the site with that specific address. So it can be your husband's email, your boss's email, or your own. Or whoever else is looking a little shady to you today.

There's one other site set up called that aggregates all of the hacks into one database, and it will tell you if you were compromised in this hack, in the Adobe hack, the Snapchat hack, the Adult Friend Finder hack, etc., etc. But there's one thing -- you can only check for yourself. The address you enter will get an email only if it's been hacked, so no snooping on your husband with this one.

Also, all of those sites are only going to give you a yes/no to the "Did he sign up?" question. We'll have to wait for more info to come out before we can see what kinds of stuff they're putting in their profiles. Ugh. If you even want to see that.

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Whether or not you choose to look, it is important to remember that a lot of times, people will sign up for sites like these with fake addresses, so it is possible that some rando stumbled upon your husband's email and used that for his account.

It's also possible that he could have made an account for some other reason than cheating -- say, for research on an article he was writing, or just out of plain curiosity about the setup of the site.

So. That said, if you find someone's email in that database, don't draw up divorce papers right away. But skepticism? That's allowed.


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