Widower Plants 400 Acres of Sunflowers in Moving, Must-See Tribute to Wife (VIDEO)

sunflowersWhen Babbette Jaquish died from cancer at 66 last November, her husband Don decided to create a moving tribute: He'd plant 400 acres of sunflowers to raise money for cancer.


Sunflowers, after all, were Babbette's favorite flowers. Even back when she was diagnosed with multiple myeloma in 2006, the couple planted several hundred acres of sunflowers on their own property. 

Babette got the idea of selling sunflower seeds to benefit cancer research. So after she passed away, Don, a grain farmer, decided to make her dream come true.

This June he spent a week planting sunflower seeds -- four miles' worth -- along Highway 85 in Eau Claire, Wisconsin, with neighbors who owned the land renting it to him at a reasonable price.

Now they're in bloom -- and breathtaking. Check it out in the video below.

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Don plans to harvest the seeds and sell them for cancer research through the company Babbette's Seeds of Hope. He also plans to plant them for her every year. 

What a beautiful way to commemorate his love's life: A field of sunflowers beats an engraved park bench any day!


Image via LOCAL 12/YouTube

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