Bridesmaid Passes Out as Soon as the Bride & Groom Share Their First Kiss (PHOTO)

bridesmaids with brideWhen it comes to being a good bridesmaid, there is a lot to do -- for the bride. You need to get your dress, show up on time for all wedding events, help the wife-to-be chill out, etc. Sadly, it appears that one poor bridesmaid, who collapsed at the very end of the ceremony, forgot to do at least one thing for herself ...


Eat some carbs!

Check out the viral pic, which was originally shared on the -- hilariously named -- Imgur page, DanAykroydFanClub:

The wedding photographer caught the sad sight of a bridesmaid down right as the happy couple were getting to "kiss the bride!" Dang -- she was so close to making it all the way through! This is why you never lock your knees, people!

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The good news is that, according to the groom (her brother), she was fine a few minutes later once she got something to eat and drink.

See, carbs are your friend!

Hopefully, she has a good enough sense of humor to not mind that her brother shared the image of her going "Timberrrrrrrr" with the world.  Something tells me this photo is going to be a family favorite in the wedding album for the rest of her life!


Images via gpointstudio/iStock; DanAykyrodFanClub/Imgur

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