14 Women Share Their Most OMG Dating Deal Breakers (PHOTOS)

Wendy Robinson | Aug 18, 2015 Love & Sex
14 Women Share Their Most OMG Dating Deal Breakers (PHOTOS)

torn heartWhen it comes to relationships, we all have our deal breakers. I once broke up with a nice guy because I just couldn't get on board with the fact that he still wore his high school letter jacket at the ripe old age of 26. I don't care how warm it was -- grownups don't wear letterman jackets!

Whether your reason involves inappropriate apparel or being a lackluster fan of dog weddings (see #14, if you don't believe me!), sometimes you just know that you need to call it quits!

Read on for the hilarious stories of relationships gone bad and, if you are married, take a minute to be grateful you never have to date again!


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  • Stuck Inside


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    "They say opposites attract, but I totally stopped dating a guy when I found that he is basically a vampire. He hated to go outside! I love to hike and camp. I couldn't help but think he was lazy." -- Heather B., Tucson, Arizona

  • Bummer Hummer


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    "He showed up for our third date driving his new Hummer. Nope. That car seriously grosses me out. Who needs that when we live in freaking BOSTON?" -- Janna R., Boston, Massachusetts

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  • The Kids' Menu


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    "Alex was sweet and funny, but he was a little immature. The thing that started to really bug me though was that he ate like a kid. No veggies, no salad, nothing spicy -- when we'd eat out he'd only order chicken fingers or cheeseburgers. I'm no foodie, but the all-beige diet? No, thanks." -- Kelly S., Edina, Minnesota

  • No Passport, No Problem


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    "My final straw was when my ex refused to go on a trip to Europe with me because 'Nowhere is better than here. I don't care about old buildings.' I realized I'd rather travel alone than stay home with him." -- Marianne W., Dorr, Michigan

  • Mommy Dearest


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    "I was dating Greg for two months and really liked him, but I couldn't get over the fact that he was SUCH a mama's boy. He was 28 years old and she still did his laundry, ironed his clothes, and even bought his groceries. It just wasn't sexy to pull off his boxers, knowing that his mom was the one who bought them." -- Liza N., Saint Paul, Minnesota

  • Bros Before...


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    "Jeremy was super fun and outgoing and I loved that energy. But after a couple of months, I was so burned out by the fact that every time I went to his apartment, it was filled with dudes. He was 25 and still lived like he was in a frat. I'd come over after work and find all of them playing video games or doing shots. I was over the college lifestyle." -- Nikki J., Gilbert, Arizona

  • The Phone


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    "Um, yeah. You answer your cell phone while we are having sex? Deal breaker. Deal broken. Adios, Brett." -- Charlie D., Orlando, Florida

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  • Elephant in the Room


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    "He was cute. He opened the car door for me. He drove across cities to hang out with me. But in the end, he was still a Republican. Couldn't do it." -- Sheri R., Sacramento, California


  • Britney!


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    "I'm not the only one who would find it borderline creepy for a 35-year-old guy -- a college professor! -- to be SUPER into Britney Spears, right? Right?" -- Kim L., Minneapolis, Minnesota

  • Just Browsing


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    "After I spent the night for the first time, it happened that his laptop was open so I snooped and saw his browser history. Yikes. What has been seen can never be unseen." -- Tammie D., Portland, Maine

  • The Diet Question


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    "Mike and I met on a website for plus-sized singles so I was stunned when he asked me to go on a diet after we'd been dating a few months. The reason? His high school reunion was coming up and he wanted me the be 'hotter.' Asshole. He was way more overweight than I was!"-- Jenny F., Des Moines, Iowa

  • Sisterly Love


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    "I've dumped more than one guy because he has either hinted or come right out and said that he'd like to have a threesome with me and my identical twin sister. GROSS." -- Laura N., Casa Grande, Arizona

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  • Too Hot


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    "Marcus was by far the hottest guy I'd ever dated. He had the most AMAZING body. But he got that body by going to the gym every day, for hours. He never skipped a session and even turned down sex with me to go to the gym. I couldn't deal with all the perfection." -- Susie O., Loveland, Colorado

  • Dog Wedding


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    "I like dogs, but apparently I don't like dogs enough to keep dating someone who was so obsessed with his dog that he spent over $1,000 to throw his dog a wedding.

    $1000 freaking dollars. I just can't." -- Whitney C., Santa Fe, New Mexico

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