16 Celebrities Who Have Never Been Married (PHOTOS)

Michele Zipp | Aug 17, 2015 Love & Sex
16 Celebrities Who Have Never Been Married (PHOTOS)

charlize theronGetting married is so overrated -- at least that's what these celebrities think. Tying the knot is definitely not for everyone, though I will admit it's surprising to learn some of these celebrities have never been married. 

Engaged? Yes. Some several times. Kids? Of course -- we all know you don't need to sign a marriage license to become a parent. But saying "I do" is not in the cards for these celebs (at least not yet).

Check out the surprising list of never-been-married celebs.


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  • Charlize Theron


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    This 40-year-old mom of two has never been married. That's right, Charlize Theron has been engaged and in very serious relationships, but an official "I do" has never been said -- much to the chagrin of Sean Penn.

  • Oprah Winfrey


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    Oprah Winfrey, 61, has been going steady with Stedman Graham since 1986, but marriage isn't an interest. Winfrey says it's because she's nontraditional, and marriage isn't something she wants.

  • Jon Hamm


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    Rumors swirled that Jon Hamm, 44, and longtime girlfriend Jennifer Westfeldt broke up after 16 years of togetherness. The reason: Someone wanted kids, someone else did not. Not getting married is so not Don Draper.

  • Diane Keaton


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    She's just 69 years old, but Diane Keaton isn't interested in getting hitched unless it's to Channing Tatum. Yep, the woman who has dated Al Pacino and Warren Beatty has her sights set on the married hunk.

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  • Marisa Tomei


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    Ageless beauty, Marisa Tomei was rumored to be engaged a couple of years ago to Logan Marshall-Green (12 years her junior), but that relationship didn't last. Tomei is happily single at 50.

  • Leonardo DiCaprio


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    Handsome Leo, haver of beard and sometimes man-bun, has never been married. Though he's only 40 and by Hollywood standards (when it comes to marriage and if we look to George Clooney...) he's got plenty of time. Leo likes the younger ladies, too, so ...

  • Sheryl Crow


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    Fifty-three-year-old Sheryl Crow has said that she doesn't think marriage is the most important thing. She also shared, "It's better to have three broken engagements than three divorces," noting her own experiences.

  • Edie Falco


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    Marriage isn't a priority for Edie Falco, but being a good mom is. The 52-year-old is a mom to two adopted kids.

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  • Owen Wilson


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    Owen dated Sheryl Crow (another never-been-married) and Kate Hudson, but this father of two has never tied the knot. He's 46 now and has said that he thought he'd be married by 30 but such is the way of Hollyweird.

  • Winona Ryder


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    Winona Ryder, 43, famously dated Johnny Depp once upon a time and when that didn't work out, well, why get married? (At least we can assume.)

  • Hugh Grant


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    Ever the fun-loving chap, Hugh Grant, 54, has three kids but no ring on his finger. He has said he just doesn't believe in marriage.

  • Kristin Davis


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    Kristin Davis cannot imagine being married, but the 50-year-old loves being a mom. What would Charlotte, her character from Sex and the City, say?!

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  • Al Pacino


    Image via Jon Furniss/Corbis

    Pacino, 75, has dated Diane Keaton (another NBM), Penelope Ann Miller, Tuesday Weld, and Beverly D'Angelo, but this dad of three never made it to the altar.

  • Chelsea Handler


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    Chelsea Handler's dad proclaimed his daughter wasn't the marrying kind when she was just 9 years old. Now 40, Handler admits that marriage just isn't for her -- yet.

  • John Cusack


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    Forty-nine-year-old John Cusack is the ultimate Lloyd Dobler. He's dated some of Hollywood hottest (Neve Campbell, Minnie Driver) but no wedding ring.

  • Tyra Banks


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    Supermodel Tyra Banks, 41, has kept her single status, further proving that one does not need to be married to be happy and have success.

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