12 Signs He's Not a Keeper

"I knew when I knew." We've all heard this saying about men, haven't we? Usually it's told to us from a happily married friend who is essentially saying, I just knew when I had a keeper. But can a person tell when they've caught a man who isn't a keeper, after all? Maybe it's something about the way he acts or makes us feel, but sometimes we aren't sure when a beau is meant to be. Love signs can be confusing! 


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What these, as Bridget Jones would call them, "smug marrieds" are quick to forget is that sometimes it can be hard to tell if the guy is a keeper or not. And what if a guy felt like a keeper before, but then it didn't work out? Maybe we don't even know what a keeper looks like! Well, take a deep breath and keep calm. We put together a list that can help the helpless who are maybe a little confused when it comes to love. We have been in relationships both bad and good and when we said, "I don't," these were the tiny signs that we received that this was not the guy for us. Take from our age and experience, young grasshopper! 

Here are just a few of the telltale signs that fish should be thrown back into the sea.

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