New Bachelorette Party Trend Is One You Don't Want to See on Facebook in the Morning

The hottest new trend in bachelorette parties isn't the Jennifer Lawrence–style bikini cruise, nor the police man stripper, nor the post-drinks spa recovery. Nope. These days all the hip brides are inviting their moms to their bachelorette parties.


That is, according to a New York Times trend piece. (OMG you guys they are always making up trends based on what two of the Style editor's friends did, but let's go with it.) Evidently some moms are actually the ones planning the party, down to booking the exotic male dancers. (Mrwor, Mom!) And God forbid you neglect to invite your mama to the party.

Saralee Rosenberg tells the Times she assumed her daughter would include her. "I thought I could at least come for a little while," she says, "but the idea was shot down." Can you believe?!?

Doesn't Rosenberg's daughter realize, things are different with this generation of mothers and daughters. They share so much! They're way more connected. They're following each other on Facebook and Pinterest. And also, have you not noticed how with-it and foxy our moms are these days? Oh why oh why won't you let her sit at the cool kids' table with you???

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Because! Ain't nobody want to see a photo of your mom grinding up against a stripper on Facebook the morning after. Especially Dad.

Okay, look. Here's what this is really about. You see, Ms. Rosenberg didn't get a big party when she got married because her mom didn't even think the marriage would last. Go on, Ms. Rosenberg, tell them.

"'When I had two daughters, I thought, 'I’ll live vicariously through them.'"

Oh Ms. Rosenberg! Tsk tsk. How many times have we told you? You can't live vicariously through your kids. You need to throw yourself your own bachelorette party retroactively. You know, like how couples renew their vows? Why am I not writing a trend piece about that?

As weird as this supposed trend is (and it's probably not a trend, just something a couple of the writer's friends have done) there is one thing about it that I like: It assumes moms, even older, adult-child-having moms, are whole people who like seeing naked men dance and don't go all fusty and moldy once they hit their 50s and 60s. So if respecting your mom as a Whole Woman means inviting her to your bachelorette party, great! I'm all for that.


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