Communicating With Your Husband This Way Can Make Your Marriage Hotter & Happier

Do you and your spouse sext each other? A new survey shows that 88 percent of Americans have texted something sexy at least once. And you'll be surprised who's doing the most sexting -- it's not single guys.


A whopping 75 percent of sexters are in committed relationships, according to Drexel University's survey of 870 people ages 18 to 82. And they're getting the most of out it, too. While singles who send naughty texts say they're less sexually satisfied, sexters in relationships and those who are casually dating are more sexually satisfied.

In fact, people who are casually dating feel like the more they sext, the greater their satisfaction. Most people in "very committed" relationships, though, don't feel like their sexting affects their satisfaction one way or another -- I wonder why?

Maybe sexting is part of the courtship process, how you seduce someone. And then, once seeing you naked in real life becomes a regular thing, the sexting loses a bit of its charge. After all, tiny pictures on a cell phone are nothing compared to the real thing.

But hey, don't throw it out. Can I make a case for keeping up with the sexting long past the point of familiarity? In just about every marriage or relationship, you have business and other trips that separate you from time to time, and sexting is a fun way to stay connected when you can't be together IRL.

Even when you're together, it's a treat to receive one from your boo for no reason at all, just to keep things hot. I'd say it's up there with still getting flowers. After all, the courtship should keep going even after commitment. 

Maybe you could be the one to get the next volley started with a flirty message about what you'd like to do to him when you get home. Or send a nude photo but from behind, or even a selfie with a certain look only he understands. I think once you've seen each other a million times it's about creating mystery, not revealing it.


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