The Fight You Keep Having With Your Husband Is Completely Normal (VIDEO)

couple from spain fightsI don't know about you guys, but sometimes I think the head-banging spats I have with my husband are so ridiculous that there's no way anyone else can relate. But as it turns out, we're not alone -- couples are having the same fights all over the world.


My husband and I are like Groundhog Day when it comes to our fights. He refuses to put dishes in the sink, I leave too much of a mess in the shower (according to him, that is), and when he's upset, I only know it because he gets quiet and shuts down. But heaven forbid I call him out and tell him he shut down -- then he shuts down even more!

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Imagine my delight to discover that in Finland, they fight about issues with the mother-in-law.

In China, they fight about leaving piles of underwear throughout the bedroom.

In India, the fight about not responding when mad (sound familar), and in Spain, they fight about leaving the lights on.

Check out the now-viral video from BuzzFeed in which couples share their most common spats.


No doubt this video has hit a nerve (or three), because it makes us married folk feel a little less alone -- or crazy -- in this big, wide world!

Image via BuzzFeedYellow/YouTube

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