You're Kissing Your Husband All Wrong, According to Most of the World (GIFS)

couple kissing on beachIf someone likes you -- as in really, really likes you and wants to have sex with you -- you'd expect them to part their lips and pull you in for a close one, right? (Duh.) But according to new research, kissing isn't considered romantic and/or sexual all over the globe.


In a new study out in American Anthropologist -- what, you haven't gotten your issue yet? -- researchers laid out what they found after studying lip-to-lip kissing in 168 different cultures.

You'd expect all humans to kiss as a sign of intimacy or lust, yes? After all, it's what you see in literature and art around the world. Even chimpanzees and bonabos do it!

But scientists have that science-y tic where they don't REALLY believe anything unless they see/prove it themselves, just like Scully on The X-Files. So some University of Nevada researchers decided to really examine the idea that kissing is universal.

And good thing they did because we were SO wrong.

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After culling data from a wide range of geographical locations, historical backgrounds, and social structures, scientists found that we've been taking our kissing for granted. Of the 168 cultures they studied, 91 of them -- or 51% -- did NOT kiss romantically.

The reason why we assumed everyone would? Scientists chalk it up to our "Western ethnocentrism." In other words, thinking, "Well, we like it, so everyone else must, too."

And it's true. We really, really like kissing. It's a revered part of our culture. (Lord knows how many TV shows and movies we sit through ONLY because we can't wait for two characters to finally kiss.)

 Kisses -- even ones from OLD movies -- shape our ideas of love.

Even ANIMATED characters are in on the action.

How lucky are we to live in Makeout Nation? Thanks, science-y people, for reminding us.



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