Married Couple Says Living 11,000 Miles Apart Makes Them 'Incredibly Happy'

chris and laura hussonWe’ve all heard of long-distance relationships, but what about long-distance marriages? Laura and Chris Husson, a married couple who are expecting their first child in the fall, are an extreme example of the trend referred to as "living apart together." They currently live 11,000 miles apart and go months without seeing each other. Yes, really.


The Hussons aren't alone; one in ten committed couples in Britain live apart, according to recent research out of the U.K.

And distance definitely makes the heart grow fonder. Laura and Chris recently told the Daily Mail that they're "incredibly happy."

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The couple has been married for over two years, despite the fact that Chris lives in New Zealand with his children from a previous marriage and Laura lives in England with her daughter from a prior relationship. The couple have always been long-distance, having met while Chris was briefly visiting the U.K.

They estimate that they’ve spent over $31K in airfare alone in the last several years. Now that a baby is coming, they plan to continue living apart but vow not to go more than 12 weeks between visits.

Although a study from the City University of Hong Kong suggests that long-distance couples are able to maintain a healthy sex life and emotional intimacy through intentional communication, I can’t help but think that living apart really limits the depth of a marriage.

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For instance, when you only see each other a few times a year, every visit must seem like a honeymoon all over again. There must be lots of sex (hello, months of pent-up energy needs to get released!), and the thrill of being together probably means that everyone is on their best and most loving behavior. And that’s wonderful -- except ... real intimacy means deciding to love someone despite the daily annoyance of, you know, actually being around another human being.

Even though I wouldn’t want to judge anyone else’s marriage (different strokes, different folks, and all that), the idea of living apart wouldn’t work for me. I need the daily laughs and frustrations of sharing a house, and a life, with someone.

And besides, knowing that my husband loves me even though I snore and have forgotten to unload the dishes for the last 500 times in a row is a better feeling than an on-going honeymoon period could ever be!

How would you feel about living so far away from your spouse?


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