Sisters Expose 'Cheating' Wife After Snooping on Her Texts at Baseball Game (PHOTOS)

your wife is cheating on you hinson sisters braves gameSisters Delana and Brynn Hinson recently attended an Atlanta Braves game, but it's doubtful they even knew what the final score was! That's because the sisters were reportedly consumed with exposing a cheating woman to her husband after catching her sexting with another man during the game.


Not only did the sisters take it upon themselves to share their discovery with the woman's husband, but they also posted pictures to Twitter, accusing the wife of being a cheater.

With their tweets now viral, we can't help but wonder: Who is shadier -- the wife or this nosy sister duo?

According to the sisters' Twitter accounts, Delana and Brynn noticed the woman appearing to sext someone named “Mark” whom she had saved as “Nancy” in her phone contacts. In turn, the duo wrote the woman’s husband a note telling him to check his wife’s phone and giving him their phone number in case he wanted screenshots of the texts.

The Hinson sisters tell, the husband texted once asking for the photo, but they haven’t heard anything else from him. Delana elaborated:

I don’t think he’s confronted her yet. I want to ask him but it’s not my place.

While the sisters are getting plenty of praise on Twitter for seeming to expose a cheater, we can’t help but feel like this whole story is creepy.

First, why are they reading someone else’s texts in the first place? Eyes on the game, ladies! Second, one text appears to say that texter loves Mark Allen. How do they know that her husband isn’t named Mark? Third, maybe the couple has an open marriage? Or maybe Mark is cousin or family friend?
The bottom line is that it is NONE of the sisters' business in the first place, especially since they don't know these people or have any context for drawing these conclusions.

What's more, they posted a photo of the couple without their consent. A basic rule should be that you never share photos of others without their knowledge, especially when you are making comments that could destroy a family. These nosy sisters apparently didn’t think about all the fallout that could come for this couple: potential embarrassment for them and their family, public ridicule for being “outed” for an affair that may or may not be happening, and a now, a nationwide story speculating about the state of their marriage.


Image via LUV2BCH_/Twitter


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