A Whopper of a Fast Food-Themed Wedding (PHOTOS)

Maria Ricapito | Jul 22, 2015 Love & Sex

Burger-King weddingThis is one couple who certainly had it their way. Joel Burger and Ashley King didn't do it for the corporate tie-in; they were getting married. But yes, the young couple's recent Jacksonville, IL, wedding was sponsored by Burger King.

When employees of the fast food chain found out about pair, they sent them customized accessories -- paper crowns, logo'd glasses, yoyo's -- and, even better, a surprise offer to pay for the 400-guest wedding. Here's hoping they served chicken fries! Now that's a value menu!

Thank goodness the sponsorship didn't include having the creepy plastic-headed king mascot perform the ceremony.

And no word on what they're going to call any future babies (or whether the burger chain got naming rights), but may we suggest Deluxe Bacon Cheese Burger?


Photo by Tasos Katopodis/Getty Images for Burger King